Sustainability & Ethics

Sustainability & Ethics

Zipporra the Creature: a creator, a dreamer, a lover, a warrior | fashion label designed and hand-made with love in Australia. Inspired by Mother Earth.
  • Using up all the fabrications that we already have which were purchased in Australia. Designing sub-collections to use up the remaining fabric to create zero wastage.
  • Our fabrics purchased from 2016 forward are going to be manufactured in collaboration with CleanCut, an organisation that facilitates supply of sustainable, ethical and fair trade textiles from India.
  • All garments are made in Australia in-house by the Zipporra team.
  • Our garments are custom-made we are slow fashion with low numbers of stock to prevent wastage.

One of my main goals with Zipporra is to create a label that is sustainable and ethical to the best of my ability. Unfortunately I am not where I want to be yet and it will take around three years to get there. I am currently saving money and building resources so we can be sustainable and ethical to the highest degree possible.

We have taken the first steps with the resources at hand, but this is just the beginning of our journey and I am working hard and passionately towards our goal everyday. I know I still have much to learn, so if you have advice and want to join us on our journey with your knowledge please email me at

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