Zipporra by Meg Ryan

In 2014 I was extremely blessed to have Meg Ryan interning for Zipporra. :) This young women is a shining star, and is now one of my best friends. She has supported me through so much and I am forever grateful for you Meg.

Meg is also an artist who is extremely passionate about the environment. Meg specialises in fabric and texture design. She was completing her major work for uni whilst interning at Zipporra. After chatting we thought it would be fun if Meg designed a sub collection for Zipporra for her major. The inspiration being ‘Love Our Coral Sea’.

Below is Megs Story :)

Karen xxx


love our coral sea

My ‘Love Our Coral Sea’ collection is a reflection of love and a connectedness to mother nature. Mother Nature is an ever present aspect of our lives, we simply must acknowledge and respect that presence. James Lovelock’s (founder of the Gaia theory) quote on “Converting destructive human activities to constructive and co-oporative behaviour” became a mantra to my design process. To create a resolve between two living organisms, seeing man within the ecosystem of nature rather than against it.

I wanted to form a union and this came in the form of an old block of wood my dad found on the farm. The wood had been weathered over the years and one sunny afternoon my younger brother and I began to experiment with paint and material on it. A unique block print formed on the fabric, the fibres telling of the process of love and collaboration. By applying these slow dying techniques we were creating something one off, much like our environment.

I applied this and a natural wax print to carefully curated patterns, resulting in a fun fresh look for Spring/Summer. By using natural prints and hand sewn elements, my finished product demonstrates that in applying thoroughly considered techniques, a balanced, harmonious relationship can be achieved.

  Model : Shannon Lawson
Photographer : Mitch Cox

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