Save The Kimberley

Artist and all round just an amazing guy Mitch Revs and I joined forces to bring love and awareness to The Kimberley.  The Kimberley is one of the worlds last cultural and natural landscapes that is not yet industrialised. Petrolium company Woodside had planned to gas James Price Point of The Kimberley and now the The Kimberley is under the treat of fracking. 

Mitch painted what he believed The Kimberley should look like and what The Kimberley would look like after being gased. #nogas. I then turned these artworks into digital print and our Save The Kimberley collection was created.

“when the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace”   

Jimi Hendrix

To launch the Save The Kimberley exhibition we had a gallery opening at District 01 in Surry Hills.

 Mitch Revs and I joined forces with Chris McClaren from A series of Fortunate Events to host this event alongside an incredible array of creatives who wanted to use there gifts to spread the message Save The Kimberley. 

Justin Fontuna

Vulcom Metalworks


 Justin used scrap metal to sculpt the creatures of The Kimberley under threat from industrailisation

Alex Brunton 

shaper . photographer 

Alex Brunton a man of many talents shaped two surfboards using the

Zipporra Save The Kimberley fabrications.

Kita Alexander


musician of the soul

Chris Wilson

Graphic Designer

Chris’s interpretation of Save The Kimberley

The fight to Save The Kimberley continues due to the greed of developers. 

We are selling pillows slips to keep bringing awareness to love and protect The Kimberley.

$5.00 from each pillow slip sold will be donated to Save The Kimberley 

Want to donate more?

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