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Hello Beautiful Creatures,

Zipporra has gone on pause for a few years so I can complete my uni degree to become a High-School Teacher, majoring in Industrial Technology – minoring in Textile Technology. During this time I want to pay off my debt from starting Zipporra and to save as much money as possible to relaunch Zipporra when I am ready. I want to have the means to have Zipporra as close to 100% sustainable and ethical as I possible can. I am excited to have some time away from Zipporra to recharge. I am looking forward to creating slow fashion that shares stories for Mother Nature and Society in the future.

Until then Thank you for you support and your patience.

Lots of love,

karen xxxx

About the Zipporra Creature

Zipporra the Creature: a creator, a dreamer, a lover, a warrior | fashion label designed and hand-made with love in Australia. Inspired by Mother Earth.

Zipporra is an art form that uses fashion design as a means to shed light and bring awareness to issues that the environment and society are currently facing.

Working with an array of artists, designers and creators we use imagery, shape and detailing to tell these stories.

Each of our prints is designed in Australia. We are using up all of our fabric rolls printed in Australia for our current collection. Our new season fabrications in 2016 will be manufactured in collaboration with CleanCut, an organisation that facilitates supply of sustainable, ethical and fair trade textiles from India. Individual items are then handmade and detailed in Australia.

Our garments are investments, pieces of art that are timeless, which tell a story and help support the issues they bring awareness to. Thank you for taking the time to view our site.


Peace be with you.


Hello :) I am Karen Fulton and I am the designer and creator of Zipporra. I am currently travelling Australia in my van. Sewing in the van on the road and from friends living rooms.

Zipporra is a slow fashion art-form, with each garment having been hand-made by me on the road.  So who knows where your garment has been created and what sights of Australia it has seen!

This is the happiest I have ever felt in my life, having the freedom to move with the wind, to witness the joys of mother nature, to learn from her and the beautiful souls I meet along the way. To live a simple life of gratitude and creation.

I will also be visiting friends and family that I have met so far on my adventure that we call life. I will also be visiting places that have inspired me and the Zipporra Collections and I will also be exploring the unknown!

Please say hi if our paths ever cross. I hope this happens one day soon. Follow the journey here :)

Lots of love,

Karen xx

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